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It is time, here and now, to tell you the truth
I have tried many times to explain like a fool
We can share the night in bed, nothing more
I will call you in names, you can call me a dog

Is that ok when you say, do I believe that is true
Do you think that I care what has happened to you
Fall asleep every time when you open your mouth
I pretend to be nice just to get what I want

Here is the point of no return
This is where my fingers burn
In the end that's fine I'll get what I'm given
Sure, you are feeling fine for now, you are repeating
"Friends for life but nothing more"
And every night behind my door, Nicole, Nicole, Nicole

You could be mine, you're so fine, but too blond to ignore
I need a drink, just to think how to get you to the door
Guess you know, I want you gone every time that we're done
In the end of the day it's all about having fun

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Chasing Shadows

Ancara texty

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