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Got so tired of that game of yours and I saw, the real you
Your lies are not welcome no more, I now know the whole truth
And you know when you say that you're all right
I know that someday in your life you'll find that you had lost the fight

In the end you're the only one who can say what is right for you
Did you give up to try when you were so far, or did someone told you to
And I know that it's hard, not to give up, but no one wants to lose
So what kind of friends you choose?

Stale, hollow and gray, if you prevail the life of a liar
You will fail to find any friends when you will be needing them
To guide your way

You've been living in the dream world for so long that it blinded you
You've been telling your lies for so long that you believe they're true
And we know, that you think that you can deny all your actions
That you've done but you are not fooling no one

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Chasing Shadows

Ancara texty

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