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Just For Me - text

You see their faces on the cover of the magazines
Politicians, movie stars and beauty queens
All your life you've dreamed of being one of them
Do anything to make it happen

Dream? Or was it for real
I'll get much higher than anyone else has been
If only for real
I can get everything I want and just for me

Dream? It could be real
I'm on my way where sun sets, that's the place for me
If only for real
I wouldn't waste my life for wasting my time completely

Fast cars, faster bikes are what I adore
Fast women always leave me wanting more
Best drugs are good to keep me up all night
Bodyguards to help me when I'm up for a fight

Rock star! That's what my name should be
Nothing else is not enough for me
Tattoos and piercings all around my skin
First class ticket to fame is what I'll win

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Beyond The Dark

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