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Far From Grace - text

The doors are open, let yourself in
We are all here, let the evening begin
This is the place and the time is now
Make a move and make it count somehow

And if you find yourself waking up alone
You know that you have done something wrong

Hey watch the night turn into day
We won't sleep until I say
Better on and not to fail
We are far from grace
Watch the night turn into day
We won't sleep until I say
We are here and we're to stay

Wake up neighbours, let them hear now
You want them to know you in this little town
Falling dark angel, only one thing in mind
She wants to rock the world and leave everything behind

If this is all just imagination
Don't want to clear up from this hallucination
If you want this all to be real
Better stop the dreaming and start to live

Text přidal roman59

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