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If you're looking for some reasons
To talk about some rain,
To talk about somebody's call or somebody's pain.
If you're, looking through the sunshine,
Believing in the beautiful day
And remembering all the holy moments,
Follow me..
If you believe that every moment
Could be the last one,
Or the beginning of a wonderful and shining life.
If you're, smiling each morning,
Grateful to live another day
And happy to be what you're..
Follow me..
Follow me through the wind.
Follow me..
Follow me to the fairy dream.
Follow me and you will see.
You’ll never feel loneliness again..
We need you.
If you believe, that the moon likes the beauty,
That butterflies can sing,
That it's time to write wonderful stories..
If you believe that the grace of sunshine
Has no sense without a lovely and a happy end
Then.. Follow me..
If you, don't judge people,
Have time to love them
And take care of the child's innocence.
If you need them because you love them.
If you're blessed enough to feel.
If you have the power and the will to follow..
Follow me..

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