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Morning the Innocent - text

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The hour is drawing nearer as I approach the room.
Now fear will end and my life will continue.
These memories will fall, I'll never see you cry.
All I want is to live a normal life.
My eyes have yet to open and already
I have wounds that will never heal,
You let my heartbeat fade.
I shut my eyes, the light fades, as
I descend to a perfect state.
I shut my eyes, the light fades, as
I descend to a perfect state
Father embrace in silence.
Don't ever climb down to face the truth,
I try to scream but it is without sound.
Heal the scars that present themselves,
Longing for separation from yourself.
You murderer. You let
me bleed. You murder, you have forsaken me.
I see through unclouded eyes, I see the innocent suffer.
My eyes have watched the wounded,
Begging to touch the ground.
I would scream but there are no words
And they have only silence.

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