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This final moment too shall pass.
Nothing left of Nothingness.
Separated particles held by shedding skin.
I'm not now what I was then.
Fractal light colliding, past and present on repeat.
Infinitely trapped in trance.
Staring into and out of all the same.
To be removed in broken light.
Crushing guilt that drowns my joy.
An awakening of self-reproach.
Letting go and closing eyes.
Break the silence and the stare.
Pain then subjugated as memories now.
Time reigns supreme yet no wounds healed.
Years of waiting for its return.
Vengeance limited by perception.
In anticipation I lost my innocence.
I can't let go if I don't hold on.
The worst of times all that remains.
I can't let go if I don't hold on.
The best of life the wasted energy in placing blame.
You died and I moved on.
Only at a distance could we ever repair.
And now what's further apart than death?
This space predicated by past trespasses.
Losses accepted and expected.
Staring into the eyes of the enemy which is me.
This negative reflection, this apathetic me.
...and I'm trapped in trance.

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