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Disgust & Remorse, Pt II - text

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For so long I've hated this reflection.
I've disfigured myself to lose sight of you.
For so long I've begged for an end to this story.
All the while it's been me with the pen in my hand.
My greatest weakness is my strongest enemy.
Always coming back to level me.
Perceptions and fluctuations.
Illusions of failures.
I was born to everything I hate.
I've never been enough.
I've never done enough.
A lack of actions: my grand declaration.
Without the ownership of guilt I have nothing left to cling to.
Yet this matter keeps me captive.
If life has turned to penance, then no more fleeting moments.
I'll burn my world and all I love to be at peace without your pity.
If this is the sum of it all, then the moments
leading me here have led me astray.
That which is crying should also be dead
As peace is a distant lullaby for the fragile and the weak.
Taught to hate myself, through hating you.
Lessons in humility by watching you.
You've fucked my life for far too long.
Let me live my own regret.

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