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Walking ..., wandering ...
A solitary path afar from the world of mortal man
Weary ..., tired ...
But yet the unbridled flame yearns within my blackened heart
A man, cursed and blessed, to witness strangest times
A beast, wrapped in Manannan's cloak, to journey
In ever shifting shape, amongst those blindest eyes
A stranger, never resting, never my name be known
I saw the copper sun set, as a boar
I dived beneath the waves of Lir, as a salmon
I crawled the bloodsoaked earth, as a serpent
I rode winds above Iniskea, as a crane
The world lies in ruins, so let us leave
Heading for unknown shores
To find a place where our ancient soul can be
Unchained forevermore
Walking ..., wandering ... a solitary path through
The halls of Cythrawl
When night spreads her lapis lazuli wings,
When stars unite with fire's sparks,
In my eyes, occures beneath the dark,
A legacy of million outworn skins
We are of the ever coming one's seed
Devouring the flesh of all gods of men
We crossed aeons, as wolves amongst sheep
Dreaming of all our misery to end
Weary ..., tired ..., but yet my blood will ever boil
Singing the song of perpetual tidings

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