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As I fall asleep, Appears my biggest fear : I am coming near the unseen frontier between my inner me
And my reality.
The beginning of a shape, A familiar landscape : I am in a forest Made of darkness,
Where resounds a voice
Calling me again :

Never fear your mind !
Escape human kind !

This nightmare is so real !
These things that I feel… I just cannot wake up from this world of lies.
I have to get the way, it’s stronger than me.
I’ll give you Salvation !
the Voice is telling me.

Never fear your mind !
Escape human kind !

The Voice:
Come my dear,
Don’t be afraid,
Forget your fear, …… and your pain !
Dry your tears,
Hold in your hate,
The end is near. …… I’m your fate !
Don’t despair
And take my hand.
Every dream is a nightmare…… without end !
You won’t survive.
Alone with your melancholy, …… you will die !

Now, my soul is trapped.
I won’t wake up, never !
These demons in my head say now I’m one of them.
And, as gradually I just begin to die, the tears are coming out From my lifeless body !

Never fear your mind !
Escape human kind !

Text přidal roman59

The Endless Agony

Anachronia texty

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