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This was who I was
Talking the talk to convince myself
But the actions, in turn, spoke so clearly
And it wasn’t all I did
Mostly what I could not bring
Myself to do by refusing to trust what I said
Man of conviction
Or so they say
My own volition
To find the way
This is who I am
And guiding all that I strive to be
The substructure of what is me
Everyone I admire
In the aura surrounding
Stitches the gaps and expands the scope of the headspace
Dig in deeper, hold in, reach out
Beings mutually connected in the aether
I don’t want to wait for the answers
To arrive at my door
This mind on a course inward bound
I don’t want to think for a moment
I can turn a blind eye
For there is sun beyond the clouds
Hindsight breathes after the ‘now’
And life keeps moving on
Oxidize the gear
And age the lasting cord beyond repair
Weakening with every hesitation
There’s a swelling fear of failure
I’ve been a reeling prisoner for so long
Now I’m standing high above me
And I’m seeking healing behind these deceitful eyes
And all of you are real inside this dream
I’m moving on

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Of Conviction


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