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When I reached out to you, and I called you my friend
It was meant to be real, to endure till the end
When I shared all my flaws and my struggles with you
It was just 'cause I know that's what friends mostly do
Now I'm wondering why I ever thought it would be
Such a brilliant idea to expose the real me
'Cause you've taken my pain and everything that I lack
And you've buried it all, like a sword in my back

Wipe that smirk off your face, 'cause I know who you are
I've been here once before, I can show you the scar
And I'm not gonna be, your benevolent fool
Don't manipulate me, like I'm some kind of tool
You can't piss on my head and say the rain's falling down
'Cause I'd rather be dead than be your partisan clown
If there's one thing I've learned on this miserable day
Never trust you again, can't believe what you say

This is it, here I am, take your shot, be a man
Thought you said, you were bad, know it all, Mr. Rad
Bring it on, let it rip, you're the man, you're so hip
Thought you said, you could fight, verbally, Mr. Right
What the fuck, where'd you go, thought you were, in the know
Throwing rocks, in this place, made of glass, you can't face
Down the truth, up the lies, you can't run, you can't hide
From your hypocrisy, spreading lies, misery

Usually, I don't care, if you just, play it fair
But you see, now I know, the fucking truth, you should go
I can't take, any more, hit the road, there's the door
Get the fuck, out of here, how do I, make it clear
I don't want, you around, not a peep, not a sound
Fuck me once, shame on you, fuck me twice, that won't do
Live and learn, someone said, fit that in, your giant head
Maybe now, you can see, this is my EPIPHANY!

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Back from Being Gone

The Anabasistexty

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