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The day away, no more in sight
Words unspoken to your children and wife
Roads uncharted and inland seas
Held the things you always wanted to be

You had felt it in your heart -
you had known it in your mind
You closed doors right from the start ...
empty chambers left behind
So many mysteries in this life
seem to hide from us somehow
The journey's racked with pain and strife -
leaves us clinging to the bow

Your head buried in your hands
and you don't know where to turn
Your heart yearns for distant lands -
far from the anchor at the stern
"Two roads diverge in yellow wood" -
you'll never know unless you try
You'll always wonder if you should -
"I'll take the one less travelled by"

And there's a magical surprise in the moments that we share
That the comfort we most prize is when there's silence in the air
So set sail upon the sea - don't be afraid to live your dreams
And you'll finally get to see that life is better than it seems

This is the day, this is your life!
Speak those words to your children and wife!
Chart the course, hold steady and true
Seize the things were always meant there for you!

Self-abuse is not the cure - just get up and heed the call
'Cause we never can be sure when we'll take the final fall
What in yourself you do not use, will surely rise and destroy you
Put an end to the abuse - you only have what's yours to lose!

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