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Are We Fit for Glory Yet? (The War to End Not.. - text


Look up and then refuse to stand
Look up unto thy broken lands
Look up a trench of lies and loss
Look up and sign the mighty cross

War is ugly
Are we fit for glory yet?

Look down, and swear by the slain of all wars, we'll do it all again
Look down at the gape of history's maw, and feed it again
Look down at all the boys so kind and gay < - - - Drawn from the poem linked in the liner notes (Aftermath, stanza three, line six)
Only common ---
Look down [?], before a new kind of horror begins

Look down [x7]
Have you embraced it yet?

Unheaving revelation [?] plunges through a tide of blood
Shuddering in tribulation as nations fall unto the beast

Look up and then refuse to stand
Look up unto broken lands
Look up a trench [?]
Look up [?]

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A New Kind of Horror

Anaal Nathrakh texty

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