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I see a car, 40 year old woman with a fat and stupid vanity, long brown hair, a lot of grease in her body, her sight full of fear. I hit the side car window with my red light lantern. I pull out of the car her yelling boyfriend, and i pack him in the trunk. She try to scape and i catch her inside the car. I rip her clothes, I strangle her and I put her humanity in the back seat. Cut her neck and let the blood flow. Her blood excites me. With my finger stain my chest, introduce my dick in her mouth full of blood. A gush of blood mixed with my cum, untouchable, I'm not slowly and progressive like the lepra. I'm quick and mortal like the pest, I drop the body outside with one hack break to her skull, then with the car, i grind her breast. I kneel, I put my dick in her mouth once again. I'm a son of animals, wild animals, slash and chop her nipples, clean it with some blood, and I chew it like a gum. I leave the car meanwhile the flames consume the screams of the packed corpses. I'm the red light bandit.

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