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White Horses At Sea / Utopian Daydream - text


Time enough to prepare
And make you look, make you stare
Won't you deal me in?
And let empires fall
Got me some others to call
Who could offer me danger?
But don't take it personal

But you live in the echo of the screaming jet
In the furnace of each cigarette
With penitence and regret
Around your neck like a golden chain
Like an aching numbed with novocaine
Well, wouldn't you like to get away
And ride white horses far away
Now they're chasing away

Leaving the trace of your things
Rusting away
Somewhere just under your skin
Is this the way out?
Let summer begin
Brighten your sky
Just let it be as you'd like
Just cross your heart and hope to die
But don't take it personal

Well, we hide in the eye of the maelstrom
We're down in the valley where the shadow's long
Well, don't you know that we belong
Somewhere over the rainbow
In the wreckage of a UFO
That glitters on the ocean spray
Ride them up into the milky way
Now they're chasing away


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