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One Great Summer - text


Drained again by you and the summer
I'm shadows of monsters
Showrooms of glistening glass
With amphetamine comedowns
Spinning and turning
Alone on St. Valentine's

But I think that I hear celestial angels
They ricochet sounds of moments of glory that passed
Now my pipe dreams are calling
They sing to me sweetly of soul and sincerity

Let's reset our instrument dials
Cause somewhere the moment will come
When we crash through the heart of the summer
'Cause we are unstoppable now
Yes somewhere the night will explode
On the back of this wave that we rode
'Cause we are unbreakable now
Yes we are unbreakable now

Just how well do you know me?
I'm countless calamities
A malleable creature who speaks with a laudanum tongue
And I promise you deeply
The righteous will triumph over all adversity

Cause sometimes the melodies come
Leaving trails like stars as they fall
And sometimes I have to hold on
'Cause I'm overwhelmed by this all

So reset your instrument dials
Cause somewhere the spirits will soar
As the audience started to roar
We are unswayable now
Can you feel the air under your wings
As a thousand throats started to sing

We are unbeatable now
Yes we are unbeatable now
'Cause we are unbeatable now
We are unbeatable now

Well my head is a box whose secrets are open
We're candy-floss children who live in the city of clouds
With the ghosts of dead robots
Where fiction and fantasy roll like a cannonball

So won't you reset your instrument dials
On moments when planets collide
Emerald city doors swing open wide
'Cause we are unstoppable now
Hold your breath and the music will play
And we'll puff and just blow 'em away
'Cause we are unbreakable now

Somewhere the moment will finally land
Oh, as I pick the crowd up in my hand
To hear the roar echo away
To hear the roar echo away
Yes we'll hear the roar echo away
You know we'll hear the roar echo away
Echo away...

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