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Elysian Gold - text


What was held by these weary hands that have been harvesting.
Where brave souls grew tall in endless fields of gold that whispered in the breeze.
Hallowed were thy birds in trees.
We marvelled at the skies.
With wonder in our eyes and summer's butterflies.

Enchanted in each gilded August.
Embraced where swallows chased the sun.
They wove a complex fugue where wild flowers bloomed only in your name.
Where no two days were quite the same.
But if you close your eyes the past is never lost.

Well I would hold your hand when you are vulnerable and alone.
And wherever dangers roam, I would keep you safe from harm.
Through those valleys of shadows, beyond lagoons of pink flamingoes.
Beyond rainbows we became, where music falls as rain.
It falls to ease the pain where memories remain.

Upon a kiss of tenderness. Into the skies from out of each abyss.
Ascending to the depths of purest azure bliss.
Where we would never have to say goodbye.
And there would never be a tear to cry.
Where I would be with you forever at your side.
Where I would be with you until the end of time.

Until the end of time.
Until the end of time.

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