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Prometheus - text


From the Dawn of Mankind, in the bleakness of night
From the formless and void, of his birth
A journey, a struggle, endless in time
To attain understanding and strength

The fire of will, Prometheus gave
So they, as gods, could create and destroy
A light on the path, of prosperity
From archaic void, to an ending unknown

Within mankind's hand, the greatest of power
To consume and to reign upon earth
But restraint he disdained, consequence ignored
In blind search of truth, wisdom was lost

Formed from the earth, from whence given life
Bestowed with the fire of gods
Heedless of presage, resolved to defy
The cause of this mortal design

As civilization reaches its end
From origin, primordial, to the status of gods
The fire of power, burns in their minds
For their creation, an agony of suicide

For the gift of fire, a consequence of torment
Bound to knowledge, to suffer its wrath
For the knowing negates, the innocent mind
As clear sight is gained, darkness consumes

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