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Become the Fear - text


Burned and consumed, like ashen memories
Pale and undone, distant seems the world
Like freezing arctic wind, the blade of loss cuts through
To find myself again, I cannot comprehend
To walk this road, the path of desolation
Far from the sun, cold isolation
Abandoned here, in silent apathy
By all those, once so endeared
To understand, I must become the fear
To prevail, I must become the enemy
To reclaim dominion, surrender to defeat
To rise to elation, I must fall into despair

Crushed by the weight of an impending failure
I endeavor in vain toward the fading sun
Paralyzed in this aphotic void
My strength it is lost, in the absence of light
Before my eyes, as if frozen in time
The rise and fall of everything once defined
To acquiesce to the arms of negation
Denial at once my comfort and my shame
The dark that once seemed so false, so distant
Now engulfs every aspect of my sight
The understanding lies entwined with all I fear
I am the enemy, I am the light
Accept that forever, is a mere perception
Relative to our own minds
Every moment elapsed is an eternity
In the shadow of our fleeting time
Those once beloved, will fade to dust
Nothing sacred, cannot be undone
To overcome is to embrace our fear
To forge ahead, and walk alone
Reclaim desire, to see the unknown
Abandon time, erase eternity
Strength is attained by the fire of yearning
The path to acceptance is a journey without end

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