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Well we've been fucking hibernating,
All these years, just stagnant, waiting
I watched you sleeping, wondering
Are you dreaming like me?
We can be safe from reality
If we haint it while it sleeps
We can escape this quarantine,
Rotting away our dreams.
Rotting Away!
Buy a quart pass it back and forth
Rotting, rotting
You're so far from the street's sound
Imprisoned by your thoughts,
Your crazy life is wearing thin
I'm waiting in the lost and found
Crooning on your front porch
On the outside looking in
Rotting, rotting, rotting away
Rotting, rotting, rotting away
There's passion in the alleys tonight
You help me dread the morning light
There's inspiration for a wayward soul,
And I'm ready to let go...

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American Steel

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