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It's Too Bloody Anyway - text


I shatter everything when I want to see my
Mind I'll pick the pieces up when I get the
Time but there isn't enough glue only this
Social lubricant between me and you to
Stop the friction you've got to learn to
Whisper if you want people to listen gotta
Learn to laugh through the harshest conditions
As we cry while we all get christened
Out hearts are broken our eyes are smashed in
Our minds are tired and we come and go alone
Regret's in the back of my mind
I'm too busy wasting time got nothing to do,
I'll wince when I think of you
Regret returns, a wise teacher but I never learn
Laugh all you want but don't cry,
'Cause we're
Too young to know we're old enough to die
It's too bloody anyway
It took 35 years to kill himself
One moment to take control of his life poetryless
The angels steal away the gems hoarding them in agonized prose
And gaudy catholic clothes so many ghosts
Can just wisp away I'm still haunted by
Count the years with rosary beads thank
Mary for god speed our hearts are broken
Our eyes are smashed in our minds are tired
And we come and go alone

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