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Faggot, faggot
They called as I walked down the street
Faggot, faggot
Your words don't mean shit to me
Sick of your words sick of this town
If this is a fight I'm standing my ground
I can't believe this country is my home
Stuck in fargo north dakota
Fuck you, redneck fuck
The power behind your fist bespeaks the depth of your ignorance
Booze and blood and se**** confusion
I remember everything
Your smile your hands
And the strength that they had
Blood on this floor and it will never come clean
Faggot, faggotseething sound of your bigotry
Forget, forget
The love of the god you're calling down on me
I'm tired of ignoring your threats
Tired of the religion you pervert
Take my freedom to exist for granted at home
Won't make that mistake in north dakota
And when I walk your threat will be there and when I get up
Your boot will be there
I've got your blood on my hands
I'm feeling neither satisfied or proud

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American Steel

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