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There's a flaw in the system, there's a crack in the sky.
I've taken the steps, but I'm not feeling high.
There's not enough money and there aren't enough girls.
Pretty sure these are signs it's the end of the world.

Take a deep breath, you're just spinning out.
What are the signs? What are you talking about?
The money and the girls, they're just transaction.
The better your angle, the bigger your fraction.

This can't be right. I climbed my climb.
All I see is soot and slime.
I don't feel good, and that's a crime.
Feels like I'm killing, killing time.

We're on our way, we're in our prime.
Enjoy the spoils, ignore the crime.
Somewhere the scent of burning.
Maybe it's killing, killing time...

Maybe it's me, or it's you, or it's us.
My head is on fire and there is no 'because'.
I gotta get out or it will not be pretty.
Wanna wreck some shit, or blow up the city.

It's the end of the world, veil is slipping.
The end of the world, not just tripping.
The end of the world rushing at us.
The end of the world, nothing matters...

Oh my god, breaking my heart.
Pretty funny guy when you fall apart.
Get another drink, do another line.
We're killing time, we're killing time.

Don't know about you, but I feel alright.
Got a table and a bottle, put in our lives.
Well, don't you see heaven is state of mind?
We're killing time, we're killing time...
We're killing time...

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