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Thank god New York City
That Long Island is pretty shitty
In my kind of town
They how to please and don’t fuck around.
I've got a pretty good plan
To complement my perfect tan
A prostitute, a friend.
A messy, satisfying end.

Need I remind you of an obvious fact?
I am back (He is back)
Did you think I was an amateur or just a weekend pack?
I am back (He is back)

Christine, Sabrina, Sabrina
Hello ladies, long time.
Hi Paul.
Where've you been Paul?
Oh I’ve been in London on some business
I’m not really allowed to talk about it but I can assure you it was incredibly important.
This is a new place.
I moved, do you like it?
It's a palace compared to the other apartment.
It's not that much nicer.
What did you do with that painting?
I burned it, it was worthless. Listen, I would really like to see the two of you get it on.
But… not like last time?
No, Christine, nothing like last time.

I’m ready to restart,
To excavate some bleeding heart.
I'm ready for release,
A little violence to bring me peace.
I’ll take the strong position,
I don't have any inhibitions,
If you want to watch let me know,
I’ve got it caught on video.

The look of fear in your eyes when I attack.
I am back (He is back)
And you will know it when you’re stretched up on the rack,
I am back (He is back)
I am back (He is back)
I am back (He is back)

I hack off Christine's legs.
You know, I think she’s still alive because she’s bleeding heavily from the stumps so I use them to scrawl in blood
red letters across Paul Owen’s walls something from my memory from it seems a lifetime ago

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London Cast

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