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Will You Find Me? - text


If you ask the man in the tollbooth
Well I'm sure he'd tell you
That on the highways there's a million ways
If you wanna disappear
Should you take a left or a right,
Well I'm sure I don't care
All I want out of life is to hide somewhere

Will you find me?

Each Halloween your faces get more frightening
The closer I look the more I can see
Your limits begin to show
The astronaut won first prize,
It was was a ton of moon dust
All I see in his eyes are years of hate and mistrust

Will you find me?

"Come out come out wherever you are,"
Said the fisherman to the sea
"Oh I miss you, I miss you love. Where can you be?
If I have to wait anymore then I won't believe
In the love that I've known
Or in the life that I have known."

Will you find me?

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