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The Sleeping Beauty - text


As I drove away over the dead leaves of your southern town
In the mirror I saw you wave, in the mirror I saw you
As the autumn fell until I made my turn, I thought, oh well
I thought well, this could be the last time I see your beautiful hands
Your frozen hands, your trembling hands

That could not hold on to any heart that's warm or any lie that's cold
Your hands are paper burning in the sun
I like to get there safe, I like to get my sleep
I'm selfish with my time like it was something I could keep

Oh, but you know the truth that never helped you much
It only beat its drum, it woke sleeping beauty
Yeah, it woke her up too much, it woke you up too much
The bankers, the liars and the thieves

They want to sell you into a life of fear
They call it a plan that will make you free
But nothing's free, you taught me that my dear
No one could love the way she loves

With the blind purity of a honey bee
Oh, but now that sweetness feels like a mistake I grieve
It only poisons my life, becomes a prison I, a prison I never wanna leave
As I drove away over the dead leaves

And merged into the stream of those who know their lines
Stagnant reasons why we travel so far away from our hearts
Like flies caught in jars, little flies buzzing in cars

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