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The John Berchman Victory Choir - text


The John Berchman Victory Choir
Will bring you the dawn with a sweet harmony
They always stink of sweat and last night's beer
Working to free the world of gravity

They only sing about answered prayers
And every word translates as a thank you
That will drown out all the voices of despair
So only heaven's music can touch you

Stop haunting your bed and drop all the chains of the dead
Wake up, wake up and tie up your shoes
It doesn't matter what you do, what you do
You don't need a white beard with a throne

To tell you to kill what you love
There's no justice in such a cold heart
No doorway or lies above
Well I love The Victory Choir
It's all my heart desires
Wake up, wake up the sky's already blue
It doesn't matter what you do, what you do

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