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The Hopes and Dreams of Heaven's 10,000 Whore.. - text


When I spend too much time alone, I get afraid
Afraid that you're gonna leave me breathing
Afraid of what they'd throw in the way
In the way of something simple like leaving

"Forgive me if you can," said the sad cashier
"For the dollars and cents our love has become.
I didn't sell you anything my dear
You were a scarecrow looking for a bonfire to sleep on."

"Believe me if you can," said the pile of bones
"I think that this is all there is left to see.
Just waiting for my perscription to come
'Cause every sec in hell dissolves more of me."

And all of heaven's ten thousand whores
Are on a partyline to his big toe
Singing Ooh I just can't do it anymore
So don't bother asking now you know

Don't bother me with little things
Pennies, nickels, quarters, and dimes
They've all taken me as far as I'm gonna go
So don't bother asking now you know
Believe me if you can

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