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Come aboard, she said
Though I know the water scares you
I won't let you go outside the rain
Trust me, I won't fail

Keeping one step ahead
Keeping one step ahead
From the time and the tide
From a pain I can't hide

Your heart might be blue as the ocean
And just as cold, she said
How come you're always shivering
Must be the torn clothes you wear
Must be all the things in life you won't dare

I'm keeping one step ahead
I'm keeping one step ahead
For what [Incomprehensible] my disguise
Was flashing before my eyes

All the things you've done in your life
That no one can forgive, she said
I don't care how you choose to die
I only care if you wanna live

Keeping one step ahead
Keeping one step ahead
From all the anguish and the change
From the wind that always blows my name
Keeping one step ahead

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The Golden Age

American Music Club texty

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