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I wish that we were always high
I wish that we could swim in the sky
If we believe then we won't fall
We'll leave our lives and rise above it all

You never love when you never trust
It's hard to love when all you embrace is dust
I'll be the match that holds your fire
I'll be the note that sings from your wire

If I can give you all my love
The breath that takes you
From the deep blue to the shore
A wave that holds you
It's all you're searching for
It lasts for a blink and it's everything
Makes all your gowns and your crowns so disappointing

If I can give you all my love
All my love
All my love

The light we use when we get lost
The light we choose, never mind the cost
It's what we hope to see in each other's eyes
It's what we hope to feel on our highest highs

If I could give you all my love
All my love
All my love

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The Golden Age

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