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I though a thousand kiss for hour
It was meant to be
Under the stars in my new car
She'll be asleep
Too young faces, mouth full of braces
All to please
Lit up a smoke had to drive her home
By ten fifteen

We were young
We were young

Seventeen felt like a dream
Those were good times
We would ride along
'Cause we had our songs
Those were good times
If I took your hand
We would be back again
Those were good times
We were young my friends
Those were good times

Under the gun try to get things done
It's schools last days
Classes fail I was happy as hell
But someone is always away
Well I drove by my side found a place to hide
Out on the lake
I had to trade in my book for six string dreams
Start a new chapter the day

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I Shot The King

American Bang texty

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