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There's something strange going on
I have found inspiration in great depth
Pure confusion is the light I saw
So it seems...
I'm not afraid, I fear only of fearlessness itself
I'm falling deep in thought
Drifting away.
I can't help but lay the blame
For I blame you for this emptiness
This long, though with conscience in the dark
Make the way for the monster of jealousy
Which haunts me and makes me breathe
I know the feeling all too well
And that's my only sin
You said we all invent ourselves
But life's shadows lurk upon us
I give in to the sin again and again
To make life livable, almost worthwhile
I search for the times gone by
But they are out of reach just like you
A single thought and I'm lost
Cold and wanting to jump over the barricades
And talk about the eternal cataclysm

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