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Have mercy on a fool like me
My eyes were open but I just couldn't see
The way the world works without honesty
Honestly, I was blind
When all my heroes have been laid to rest
And all my idols I have come to possess
And I'm still looking for some true happiness in my heart
Nothing here is certain
We chase a shadow of our own dream's design
And wonder why it takes so long
And wonder just where we went wrong
We hold a candle in the wind to light our way
Go lightly in your judgement please
I didn't know the world was filled with such greed
I'm only asking let your heart intercede
And I know they still exist
They say you learn something new every day
I want to learn to forget all this dismay
At finding out the way that some folks play
Only they's gonna win...
Nothing here is sacred
The golden calf we worshipped has fallen from it's shrine and left us standing here stranded
Our only hope's to abandon
These foolish dreams that we've pursued for far too long
Have mercy, have mercy...

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