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Happiness just came in,
It pierced my skin.
Insights of Christmas lights right now.
I'm so deeply in,
For I'm Saint Philips friend.
I've left my mind and soul behind somehow.
But my life means more to me than before.
And I'm not afraid to walk out the door.
Calling my name doesn't seem such a chore.
So deeply in Saint Philips friend.
Look into my eye,
And You'll realize,
That I'm not handing you a line.
Whether right or wrong,
I must go along.
Saint Philips friend until the end of time.
No handwriting on the wall
tells me to stop it all.
But I must be there when my Saint Philip calls
For without him I surely would fall.
So deeply in Saint Philips friend.
People blush each time I rush.
The cry for peace is heard the least.
Some day man will understand,
Or he will destroy this land.
I found the best way out,
I found what life's about.
Philip taught me not to fear my death.
He's shown me through the maze,
For this I'll sing his praise.
And worship him with my last dying breath.
So if you want happiness listen to me.
Look only at the things you want to see.
life is a joke, and it always will be.
So deeply in Saint Philips friend.
Saint Philips friend.

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