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Fading Away - text

after the storm came the rain that couldn’t stop the fire. I died that night and it hurt. I still die every day and yeah it hurts. this curtain pretending I'm alright is just a lie.
we fight everyday against what used to get us down. don’t keep what you always wanted to say. that day will come when you need the ones you love protecting your back.
you will find me in the front row dear, where I listen to my heart. I will receive the fire with open arms. they taught you wrong, there's no peace, no mercy, no grace. there's no beauty in death, there's no tunnel of light, it will hurt and you will be gone.
we blank out death is coming. let's hope we never have to beg for it when life is worse. when it is the only solution, when you hope someone will take your pain, I don’t hope for remedy. no one will carry your weight; no one will tell you you're not lost. you walk this last path all alone, let’s hope I was wrong and there will be light and peace.

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