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I can't give you the moment, the chance to be right
I won't save this for tonight
I can't give you the reason, the truth or the light
But I will keep you in my site.
I can't say that I'm scared as this pain sets me free
I have lived without love, without all that I need
See the marks that I bare and the shame it runs deep
You have made every moment so worthless to me
And I can't understand this at all
Run away from this life
It's so far from the things that I know
Get away from this fight, I don't want
To give in or let go, I won't let go.
I can't say that I'm proud as this
Pain spreads through me
I have said my last words I have thrown out the keys
I give in to despair, as my eyes fall asleep
Now our dreams come to end I am so incomplete
And I can't comprehend this at all.

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