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Shelly Creek Ridge - text

This land is my prison, I cannot escape
Wandering these mountains should not be my fate
Death awaits me in my sleep
But a fight awaits me at the end of this heat

And as I press on feeling alone
Tired hungry what does it show?
Death chases me to the grave
but I shout back not today

I await the next crest with hope in my eyes
This mountain highway is what I despise
A dusty broken road is my only direction
my journey closes as my vision blackens

A warrior's death, not one to regret
But I want to make them pay their debt
And as I fall and say my last farewell
I'll lead the pirates to the gates of hell

Blood pools around my feet
Death, the smell fills the air
Victory is in my grasp
The king takes his last breath

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Black Dawn

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