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I' m striding through the garden of hope
Escaping from reality
Teardrops freezing on my face
Coldness takes my breath away

I' m really frightened of myself
My thoughts have broken wings
Misleading me to give up my dreams
Because I' m not afraid to die

But through the veil I can see
The light of a new way
Blocking my entry into eternity
Encourages me to a new day
Autumn foliage covers all this endless grief
Wilting in the wasteland of my belief

Voices whispering from the dark
Tales whispered by another world´s lark
Bound by endless sadness
Driving me to eternal madness
I can feel decay
And hope l´ll have the time to pray

The roses in this garden are withered
Blood sticky on their sharp thorns
Cruel memories tear my heart apart
My resistence appears to be broken

Text přidal roman59

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