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A man says things sometimes when playing for all the light in the sky.
Look for the lights.
And son, even in the sun, he may turn cold waiting in the hours prescribed.
Look for the lights.
We're no more than stars and bone. We're just neighbors of a similar skin.
Look for the lights.

Places to fall asleep and people to miss
As vibrating islands cast adrift to breathe the dusk away.

(I am) Too lost to feel this brave.
Got caught in the wasted space.
Sleep takes its time to come now that you are in my heart,
eating your way to my brain.

Days spent waiting for you, tangled in our own designs.

Look for the lights.
Blessed youthful boredom and its slow lava flow.
Look for the lights.

Over desert over mountains and to the shore
elements in their place
everything is as it is, existing to change


The sunken city awaits
somewhere there are lights.
I need to see them.
I need to see them.

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