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Horizon Slide - text


I'll be your summer sheet
your artificial sun
Wear this old body
down to its dust
Always listening for harmonies
Always afraid of what I've done
Drunk on clues, buried in your wake
I can tell you they aren't worth a dime

I don't know how it hurts
Just wear this suit to cover up the fear
I've said it twice,
third time is a bore.
Let me wander
even if it hurts.

We've traded forest for factories
traded youth, to feel the silk of being haunted.
Start up the line, the whole earth shakes.
is it right? you tell me how smooth are the gloves.


I do remember it was my gin genius that tucked the moon away
and pulled the sun over the mountains.
The horizon slides, postcards from a child's mind.
Made to be envied
were cashed on wine.


Text přidala Ryuzaki

Video přidala Ryuzaki

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