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A Retreat into Delusions - text


The fear is closing in on us
Let the carnival of Cain commence
We'll never see the end of days, submit to the pain
We shall no longer hold the cards, shatter all rules

Hatred confronting hatred
Making room for the final clash
We're setting foot on a soil that once destroyed our homes
Now the panic is changing side; brief shining flash

Adapting to hardships and boundaries
Hung in the balance, directing our doom
We have fallen prey to the lackey of death
In order to paint us as invaders, we fall

Slow agony of starvation
Open eruption of hostility
We shall drag the world into destruction with us
No prospect of peace raining down from the sky

Acoustic lead by L. Ström

Close your eyes, my friend
Leave the twinge behind
Close your eyes again
I'll never leave you

Smug and arrogant
Bound to throttle us
Earning world-wide acclaim
Age of diffidence

Rigidly holding out
Battles of argument
Men of illusion break
Fall of an idol

Summoned to coup d'état
Distant from the deed
Fear marching with us

Retreating into delusions x 3

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