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Get the fuck out of my head
Just get the fuck out of my head
Get the fuck out of my head
Cause I'd rather be fucking dead

I can't do this anymore
I can't go on

I'll slit my fucking throat
Now watch the life leave my eyes
Whispering sweet nothings
As I slowly fucking expire

Watch the blood start to pour
Let it paint the ceiling
Stain the fucking floor
I just can't bare the scornful voices anymore

I think I'm already dead
This can't be all in my head
I just can't tell what's fucking real anymore

My inner demons will never let me be at peace
I'm too far gone, this torment has gone for far too long
These tired bloodshot eyes will never sleep again
My life's a dead end
This death is a fucking fitting end

These illusions are all that I see
Confusion, a sworn of delusions
Is something wrong with me?
What the fuck?

I'm sick of the voices that won't go away
I hate all the things that have made me this way
Bound to the nightmare that's led me astray
It's keeps getting worse fucking day after day
I'm not getting better and I know that's the truth
These demons, violent demons they hand me a noose
It won't go away, get them out of my head
I can't get away, I'd rather be dead

I'm sad, I'm pathetic, I'm weak and I'm sick

If I've fucking lost my mind, then this is all in my head.
I hope I'm already dead, yeah I hope I'm fucking dead
I think I'm already dead.

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