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We are not alone
This is the end of the world as we know it
They came down on a starry night
Pale green skin and dead behind the eyes
I wanted to believe, and now I do
They’re gonna eat your face and stick their probes inside of you
Deep inside of you
Unidentified flying object
A bullet to the brain will nothing to stop the harvest
We won’t escape alive
Can’t you see the government lied?
Mankind will face total annihilation
They never came in peace
We’re not immune to the disease
Extrasolar viral contamination
Society crumbles and I’m left alone
With Martian cannibals outside of my home
Houston, we have a problem
I don’t own a shotgun
We are not alone
Bright lights overhead
The tractor beam pulls me in
Trapped by the abomination
I’m strapped to a table for experimentation
Trembling in fear for what’s to come
But what they reveal made my body go numb
A small slim-fit Hot Topic tee
Cartoon monsters all vomiting
He leans in and says, “Could you please rep my band?
You’d actually be doing us a real solid, man”
I don’t wanna wear this neon t-shirt
Anything but a neon t-shirt
The bright colors hurt my eyes
I’d rather get probed a thousand times
Might’ve been cool in 2007

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