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Community matters, we’ll always accept you
You have a place with us

Express yourself in any way that you like
as long as it has been discussed

Our friendship’s built to last
unless you disagree with me
If you have your own opinions
just pack up and leave

You’re not good enough

Our love is completely unconditional
as long as we like the things you say

Let’s hope that your flaws are just endearing quirks
or else we’ll have you on your way

People approach me off the streets
just to tell me how accepting I am
but if you’re gonna act like some basic normie
then get the hell off my land

You’re not good enough

You can’t sit with us

We tried to be nice and we gave you a chance
but people like you don’t look good in those pants
If it’s friends that you want you can look somewhere else
We don’t mesh with losers all that well

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