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Been looking forward to my visit to the mall
‘cause my wardrobe is going bad
Inside a Hot Topic, I proclaim
"What a beautiful T-shirt” says a young teen to a cashier
"And yes, but what a shame
that these shirts don’t come in black”
So put mascara on my eyes
and change the color of my hair with dye
Sometimes I tear my skinny jeans
I lost my job at Dairy Queen
Hey girl you know what’s driving me crazy?
This super old guy told me I’m not emo
Said I should listen to bands like Jawbreaker
Weezer and Rites of Spring
It doesn't matter what they say
I’d rather listen to Paramore, bang my head to Paramore
I can feel the pressure to buy some normal clothes
I’m better off in girl pants
I’m lost and depressed but I love the feel of being lonely
I’ll do some heroin
Wake me up, I’m doing lots of drugs
I can't wake up from doing all these drugs
Save me, if life is fair then why do roses have thorns?
My body lies in my bedroom
with a smile turned upside down
One final fight with my bullies
I’m not a fag
Where are you, I said 10:30
I cannot drive, I do not own a car
I need somebody to pick me up and drive to Warped Tour
Promise that you’ll take me there
We’re gonna miss From First To Last
Let’s go
Caught in a traffic jam, just caught in a traffic jam
Every wrong turn you make is another loud “I hate you”
And every second we waste is more than I can take
Hey Mom, I want to die
No one’ll miss me if I take my life
I'm getting on MySpace and I will never leave
Will you please PC4PC with me?
Will you R4R, lessthan33
We'll meet again when you Top 8 me
What's the worst that I can say?
I’m not a fan of Sunny Day
I like Hawthorne Heights
Born in 1993
What the hell’s The Promise Ring?
I like Hawthorne Heights

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