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Garage Door (featuring JB Brubaker) - text


Back home for the summer again
I keep on killing time as a means to an end
As I watch them yelling in front of me
I couldn’t help but notice this one little thing
Countless times, again and again
I’ll never understand what they mean when
You have to keep up, and keep on moving
Nothing makes sense, not one single thing
Give me a reason
I never asked for this
Though I’m still struck with bliss
Give me an answer
I need to plan this out
Or take a different route
Going with the flow doing
Something so, mediocre
Pacing back and forth all night
In front of the garage door
I’m not one for making excuses
But when you change the path you take
You’re bound to get bruises
Opportunity has come knocking
But his one doesn’t give me much security
All I wanted was stability
Sometimes you make the leap
This game ain’t cheap
This is the moment of truth

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