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I never thought from all I’ve been taught
that this would end as a failed connection
a failed expression of what I thought
would be a way for me to escape
but now I’m just here to wait
hoping fate won’t dictate the inevitable
This just feels like static stuck with no way
to connect to this habit, this adapted rapture
free time falls back in line with the last of it
but I can still hear her
Flipping through channels of my mind hoping to understand
why this couldn’t be the solution of my needs
and having to say goodbye, sending my last words through a telephone
hoping the cords will make it from my home to her ear
What I thought would be a three year commitment ended
when someone more persistent promised to make things easier
Now I feel so many tears for her as she spoke softly almost in a whisper
and I replied I won’t hit nine, I’ll just leave a voicemail here
I fear we’re at the end and now this connection no longer seems clear
I hate to demote to the last hope
without a universal way to put this power to this
I feel like I’m stuck without a remote
and no access to a package beyond the basics
So let’s face it, you didn’t care about me
as much as you said you would before I made this commitment
And that’s life I guess, but I’ll face it because what option to I have
now that this analog relationship feels so outdated
You used to be where I would turn to after a day of hard work
An hour of sifting through monotonous misused paper work
and fakes and jerks pretending to understand me like you do, it’s true
All that I saw in you was so vibrant and true
I felt like Ted Danson, Tony Danza, Matthew Broderick
and Mel Brooks could all be seen in you
And that’s something I could never say for the women I tried to relate to
but I still can’t seem to thank you
because despite the memories of late nights with you
this is now just an unmoving static, and I can’t handle it
So I’ll make it quick and I’ll make it quiet
No need for a final broadcast, I never want to see you
because there’s no love when it’s just a pay-per-view
When you get this voicemail don’t call back it’s too late for that
I’m already with someone else as a matter of fact
So I’ll just come out and say I’m leaving
No drama, I’ll make it fast

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