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I'm excited for the weekend
I’m excited for the trouble I can find
I’m excited for the ladies looking fly
Ima party till the suns about to rise
I’m excited for the weekend
I’m excited for the hands up in the air
Wave ’em all around like they don’t care
Poppin’ all the bottles we can share
During the week all I do is work and sleep,
And count down the minutes ‘til they set me free
Like I'm trying set this off, I’m trying to set this off
Grab the Jack, the Coke, and a fifth of Beam
Now hit the team, like “bitch I’m free”
Let's scoop the girls, you know they lit
And crank up the music till our neighbors pissed
Go dance on the porch to some R&B
Put on that Pretty Ricky, let her grind on me
And I love the way she move that thing
And I need another ice cold drink
Now let me get that hand, for just one dance
Spin her around like oh yeah
Now put your drinks up and lets cheers to the good life
I’m tired of going to work so where’s the weekend
We can have a few drinks and we can be friends
We can party all night and we can pretend
All our worries are drowning up in the deep end
Got my fellas with me, some ladies chilling too
Got the skunk in the air, and plenty booze
I’m callin’ every crew ridin’ up the avenue
Lets link together man, you can come and be you
We don’t discriminate, just wanna have a good time
Don’t bring no drama to the weekend and we’ll be fine
You can bring your Henne, or some cheap wine
And if you’re short, its all good, I can share mine
See, we ‘bout out here to see nobody stressing
We all made it to the weekend I think that’s a blessing
Let’s just celebrate, forget our differences
‘Cuz in a couple days, we’re back to work again
I just wanna drink, drink
Under the stars and we free, free
Baby just you and me, me
That’s all that I need, need

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