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I've been given more chances then I really think I deserve
I figured I'd be hurt, I'm pretty sure I need work
But these words have healed that little hole in me
Before that fact there's no consoling me
We're controlled to be another lonely seed
Giving birth to the life and we devoted
We can't move without testing grounds
Now we can't be found 'cuz
The shadows pull me down
But they know they'll never take me, take me
I'm already found
And I got one life to live for
I got one life to live for
Dark clouds and dark towns consume me still
Figured I'd get control if I'd consume this pill
Is it fake or real, I can't take the thrill
Of wondering what's left in this brain to kill
This pain's sustilled but emotions churn
This shadow has been cast on the past that burns
Now at last, my turn to break the grasp and learn
Who controls the future
It's mine to earn
Let's go

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